2015-2016 Student Achievements

Ashley KIM will perform the Nielsen Flute concerto from memory with the UC Berkeley Symphony in February, 2017

Kareena Wu was named Co-principal flute of CYS Associates Orchestra in October, 2016

Kimberly Ku was accepted by CYS Senior Orchestra for the 2016-17 season
Bravo Kimberly!

Caroline Gong was a big “star” at the Northern CA Flute Camp 2016. We are so proud of her!

Yulan Chen has won the CYS Concerto Competition. She will be performing the Ibert Concerto, mvt 1 this spring.
Congratulations Yulan for a job well done!!

Clara Park (2009) is pursuing a career in “haute couture” fashion design at Parsons. She was also accepted by the University of Arts in London, and Pratt University, Brooklyn, NY, where she was offered a substantial scholarship. Clara, a dedicated flute pupil since 2009, would love to continue with her music studies.

Jennifer Kim (2011) will major in Computer Science at UCB. She was also accepted at UCSD, UCSB, UCI, UCD, and U of Washington and RPI with scholarships. Jennifer plans to continue her flute study because she LOVES the flute!

Jennifer Jo (2014) will double major in Music (Flute) and English at Carnegie Mellon (first choice). She was also accepted with multiple scholarships to the double major programs at Oberlin, NYU, Boston University, and UCSB!

Lillian Wang (2014) will double major in Biology and Music (Flute) at UCSB!!

Ashley Kim is this year’s UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition winner! We are so very proud, Ashley, and we will try to attend your performance of the Reinecke Flute Concerto (memorized). Reinecke has been changed to the Mozart DM Concerto.

Jennifer Jo won the Oakland Youth Orchestra Concerto Competition Ibert Concerto.
Congratulations, Jennifer!

First winners of 2015 are:
All State Honor Band: Jennifer Jo, Senior,
All State Orchestra: Yulan Chen, Junior
Performances from February 19-21, 2015

Ravel Pagodes

Performed by Maria Tamburrino

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